Eastern Fare Production House

Eastern Fare’s holistic approach to music education is dedicated to the artistic development of talented and promising musicians. Therefore, students are encouraged to participate in esteemed competitions and performances. They can avail the services of the Eastern Fare Production House to explore their creative abilities.

Eastern Fare is equipped with a state-of the art jamming room and two semi-Acoustic Studios to
develop the expressive potential of the students besides encouraging their technical know-how of music. The studios are also made available to talented individuals and upcoming bands. The production house is available for commercial services like composing and arranging musical scores for Television and Film production, Voice Over recording and editing.

Since 2010, the Eastern Fare production house is involved in production of Documentary films, Short Films and music videos. It has opened a new video editing studio in Bangalore.
Eastern Fare Production House services in Bangalore:
  1. Music Composing and Arrangement
  2. Audio and Music Recording Studio
  3. Audio and Music Editing and Mixing
  4. Video Editing Studio
  5. Video Recording
  6. Event and Concert Photography
  7. Jam Studio
Click Here to check out some of the songs recorded at our studios in Bangalore.
So far the Eastern Fare Production House has produced:
  1. "Aawaz" - music video by Jim Ankan Deka featuring Antara Nandy, Ritwika Bhattacharya and Queen Hazarika (director: Parmita Borah) - 2013
  2. "Timeless" - album by Jim Ankan Deka featuring Ritwika Bhattacharya and Suchethan Rangaswamy - 2012
  3. "Xobdor Porisoy" - music video by Jim Ankan Deka (director: Parmita Borah) - 2012
  4. "Tere Bin Nahi Lagda" - music video by Ritwika Bhattacharya and Jim Ankan Deka (director: Parmita Borah) - 2012
  5. "Nagaland - journey through the choir of clouds" - travel documentary (director: Jim Ankan) - 2011
  6. "Shillong" - short documentary (director: Jim Ankan) - 2011
  7. "Uninvited" - short film (director: Parmita Borah) - 2010 

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