A Mirthful Experience

The cacophony of notes that I wake up to every morning, always leave me in a enigmatic euphoria!! Have never been able to understand why so????. Well however, the notes are a lot different in this biiig cosmopolitan city of Bangalore as against my sweet home Assam. Back home my morning platter of euphonic delight was filled with cock-a-doodle-doo of my neighbour's rooster!! Well, that was just the appetiser; to be followed by a gourmet breakfast of chirping of birds, barking of dogs, the beating drums and prayers in unison from the ‘Naamghar’ at my neighborhood . I believe those harmonic sounds were a greater source of inspiration in directing my career towards music more than any legend- living or dead.

Two years and half in Bangalore in the corporate sector and I didn't take long to realise that routined life is not my cup of tea, not at all!! So, that's when I decided to take a U-Turn and head back directly towards the music junction. Few friends with common interests and I ended up landing in the Music Teaching Organisation called Fuzions Music. Now my life revolves around MUSIC , a full circle, after establishing my own Music Institution – Eastern Fare Music Foundation, altough a regular office goer might consider me a misfit, but seriously guys you don't know what you are missing :).

And today, altough I have fine tuned myself to wake up every morning to the sounds of the Mixer Grinder and Pressure Cooker in my neighbourhood, I still survive... CUZ MUSIC IS MY OXYGEN!! And so life goes on in harmony......

An intense desire;
..Hungering.. Thirsting..
A sensible horizon,
with emblazons of tomorrow;
A fiesta of dark and light..
somewhat self-contradictory..
Menifesting a high level of sophistication..
And demonstrating;
Marching in protest..
Establishing illusion!!

Jim Ankan Deka
OK North East
OK North East

Eastern Fare is a music institute and a production house presently based in Guwahati with branches in Bangalore, Umiam, Umroi and other cities in India. The production house is supported by Music Malt and OK! North East. Eatsern Fare launched two projects - ChaiTunes and Euphony.

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