A Mirthful Experience

The cacophony of notes that I wake up to every morning, always leave me in a enigmatic euphoria!! Have never been able to understand why so????. Well however, the notes are a lot different in this biiig cosmopolitan city of Bangalore as against my sweet home Assam. Back home my morning platter of euphonic delight was filled with cock-a-doodle-doo of my neighbour's rooster!! Well, that was just the appetiser; to be followed by a gourmet breakfast of chirping of birds, barking of dogs, the beating drums and prayers in unison from the ‘Naamghar’ at my neighborhood . I believe those harmonic sounds were a greater source of inspiration in directing my career towards music more than any legend- living or dead.

Two years and half in Bangalore in the corporate sector and I didn't take long to realise that routined life is not my cup of tea, not at all!! So, that's when I decided to take a U-Turn and head back directly towards the music junction. Few friends with common interests and I ended up landing in the Music Teaching Organisation called Fuzions Music. Now my life revolves around MUSIC , a full circle, after establishing my own Music Institution – Eastern Fare Music Foundation, altough a regular office goer might consider me a misfit, but seriously guys you don't know what you are missing :).

And today, altough I have fine tuned myself to wake up every morning to the sounds of the Mixer Grinder and Pressure Cooker in my neighbourhood, I still survive... CUZ MUSIC IS MY OXYGEN!! And so life goes on in harmony......

An intense desire;
..Hungering.. Thirsting..
A sensible horizon,
with emblazons of tomorrow;
A fiesta of dark and light..
somewhat self-contradictory..
Menifesting a high level of sophistication..
And demonstrating;
Marching in protest..
Establishing illusion!!

Jim Ankan Deka