Vocal classes in Guwahati and Shillong

Vocal Classes at Eastern Fare Music Foundation
Since the inception of Eastern Fare in 2009 in Koramangala, Bangalore, the institute has been affectionately trying to preserve the accent of sound, in an era where music is being bargained over as a fast moving commodity. In 2016, with similar thoughts in mind, the organisation opened its branches in Guwahati and Meghalaya (Umiam and Umroi). In the North-eastern region, the branches have started providing courses for vocal music in three different streams - Indian Classical, Western Classical and Contemporary.

Vocal Music

Vocal music is a type of music performed by one or more singers, with or without instrumental accompaniment, in which singing provides the main focus of the piece. Vocal music typically features lyrics, although there are notable examples of vocal music that are performed using non-linguistic syllables, sounds, or noises, sometimes as musical onomatopoeia.

Many a times, people ask 'if the voice a musical instrument?'. It is indeed. In Sama Veda the voice is called Gatra Vina or Shariri Vina, means Body-Instrument.

At Eastern Fare, the teachers of vocal music emphasize on certain elements before starting the courses for an individual student, like -

  • A voice type (A particular human singing voice identified as having certain qualities or characteristics of vocal range),
  • Vocal weight ('Lightness' or 'heaviness' of a singing voice.),
  • Tessitura (The most musically acceptable and comfortable range for a given singer. It is the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture ),
  • Vocal timbre (Also known as tone color. Basically the quality of the voice.), and
  • Vocal transition points (Such as breaks and lifts within the voice. Eg., baritone, alto, soprano, tenor, etc.).

The Course

  1. Introduction to Different Genre of Vocal Music
  2. Voice Culture
  3. Stream selection
  4. Indian Classical
  5. Western
  6. Modern
  7. Notation Systems – Indian, Solfa and Staff
  8. Sight Reading
  9. Improvisation
  10. Indian Music – Sargam exercises, Taal, Laya, That, Basic Raags, Alap, Taan, etc.
  11. Western Music – Tonal exercises, Voice modulation, Various vocal styles, Songs
  12. Modern Songs – Assamese, Hindi and English
  13. Devotional Songs

Apart from vocal music, the branches also provide classes for Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Drums and other musical instrument classes. The branches in North east now provide courses in Contemporary, Sattriya, Bharatanatyam and other classical dance forms.

Teaching staff

Ankur Deka - Eastern Fare Music Foundation
Ankur Deka is a Master of Musicology in Indian Classical Music and has a degree in Alternate Medicine. He is presently working on subjects like Music Therapy, Ethnomusicology and Indian Music. He is also a singer, songwriter and composer. He has been composing music for over thirty years in various languages including Assamese, English, Hindi and Mizo.

Click Here to contact Eastern Fare Music Foundation's Guwahati and Shillong branches.
For private classes Contact 75780 13817. Please note: private classes (1 on 1 class) are offered only at the institute and not at home.
Click Here for the fees structure.
OK North East
About Eastern Fare

Eastern Fare is an acoustic rock and fusion band formed in Bangalore in 2007, now based in Guwahati, India. The present team members, Jim Ankan Deka (guitar and keys), Prabal Gogoi (cajon), Gaurav Choudhury (guitar) and Jenie (percussion), occasionally teams up with different musicians from various backgrounds all across the country to create amazing music, videos and collaborative projects.


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