Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- Which is the best instrument? Which is an easy instrument to learn fast? Which instrument should I pick?
Ans. There is no such term as 'best musical instrument'. All are same and equally tough. You need to first find out which field you want to take - melody or rhythm. If you are not very sure, before approaching any music institute, join some internet forums, watch videos of different instruments being played on YouTube, talk with your friends who have already learned some musical instrument and go to a music store to find out the differences between the instruments. Lastly, learning an instrument is a life-long process. It needs lot of dedication. If you start with a particular instrument, you need to stick with it, master it and then, if you want, you can move to a different instrument. Choose wisely.

Q.2- Do I need to buy my own Instrument?
Ans. If you are a keyboard or piano student we will provide the instrument in the class. For practice at home, you have to buy your own instrument. If you are a guitar student, 1st week we provide the instrument. If you are interested to learn the instrument, we will suggest you which instrument to buy.

Q.3- How long will it take me to become good at playing the instrument?
Ans. The length of time required depends on your natural ability, your goals and the amount of time you dedicate to practicing and playing. If you practice regularly, you will need about 6 months to a year to play the basics. Learning any musical instrument is a tough job. You have to love the instrument.

Q.4- I do not have time to practice playing the Instrument, but I want to learn. What should I do?
Ans. Practice is necessary for everything that requires skill. As a beginner instrument player, all you need is 10 to 15 minutes each day to practice.

Q.5- I have experience with a musical instrument. Will I learn to play a different instrument faster?
Ans. If you play another instrument, you will likely have experience with reading and writing music. You will also already have been introduced to important musical concepts, such as keeping a beat, which will help you when learning how to play a different musical instrument. But it takes years and years of dedication and practice to play one instrument perfectly. So, until you master an instrument, try not to go for another one.

Q.6- Am I too old to start playing an Instrument?
Ans. You are never too old to learn how to play an instrument. Adults have some advantages over children when it comes to learning to play an instrument - adults have better concentration, have more developed motor skills, and are usually motivated by their own desire to play the instrument.

1. What are the timings?
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2. Where are the branches?
In Bangalore - Koramanga, HAL (Kaggadasapura) Sarjapur and HSR Layout.
In Guwahati - Rajgarh and Narangi Click here to know more.
3. Can I take individual classes?
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4. Are there classes and separate batches for Adults?
5. Are there classes and separate batches for Children?
6. What is the fee for the music courses?
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7. Are there pick-up and drop for Children?
8. Are there any recording facility?
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9. Are there instrument practice facilities?
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