Teachers and Trainers

We strive to hire teachers who have
● A University undergraduate degree or Music Teaching Diploma or the equivalent in teaching experience.
● Public performance experience.
● Excellent communication and team work skills.
● An understanding of the issues faced by the students and a positive feeling towards music education.

Music Teachers and Trainers at Eastern Fare Music Foundation

Our Music Teachers

Anand Pilakkat, formerly a student of the Eastern Fare Music Institution is a music composer and pianist from Calicut, Kerela. He is a part of the bands - Dark Light and Eastern Fare.

Victor Logidasan, a teacher for over five years from Bangalore, is a music composer and arranger. He joined Eastern Fare in 2011 and has been teaching Piano, Keyboard and Classical Guitar.

Suchin Ravi, a former student of Eastern Fare Music Institution is a lead guitarist for various bands including Hamsadhwani and Eastern Fare. He has judged several rock and music competitions in Bangalore.

Vinod Singh is a keyboardist and music trainer. He joined Eastern Fare in 2009 and after taking graded exams from Trinity College of Music, London, he joined Eastern Fare as a keyboard teacher. He is also one of the co-ordinators at Eastern Fare.

Harish Marappa is a guitarist and composer and has been playing acoustic, lead and bass guitar for various bands. He is the guitarist of Bangalore based band Hamsadhwani. He was also a social media specialist for Dell.

Girish Sood is a guitarist from Chandigarh. He has been teaching guitar for more than four years at Eastern Fare. He is also a vocalist.

Suchethan Rangaswamy is a vocalist & veena player and an well known personality in the field on Carnatic Classical music in Karnataka. He has been teaching vocals for over 15 yrs and joined Eastern Fare as a visiting teacher in 2009.

Ashok Singha is a solo guitarist and an experienced trainer. He joined Eastern Fare as a student in 2009 and joined as a guitar tutor. He has been playing the acoustic and lead guitar for over 8 years now.

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inTune Trainers

Parmita Borah - Eastern Fare Music Foundation
Parmita Borah is a media specialist, professional blogger and flash fiction writer. Her works have been featured in websites like Femina, Collegespeaks and Fried Eye. Previously she worked with organisations like On-Mobile Global Limited, IBM, Honeywell and Reuters. She regularly conducts creative writing workshops and web content writing bootcamps.
(e-mail: info@easternfare.in)

Jaiji Oommen - Eastern Fare Music FoundationJaiji Oommen, hails from a small industrial town called Dandeli in Karnataka, is the director and founder of EMH (Ethical Management Helpline). He has executed a range of projects for various industries including NGO’s, Tea Estates (Assam), within the hotel, garment and shoe industry. Jaiji continues to provide consultancy for groups like Krupa Foundation, Farida group, Gokaldas Exports, etc.
(e-mail: info@easternfare.in)

Jim Ankan Deka - Eastern Fare Music Foundation
Jim Ankan Deka, Director of Eastern Fare Music Foundation, is a music composer, documentary film maker and photographer. He has been a music trainer for over 15 years. Apart from participating in various cause related projects, he founded 'Count Your Blessings', a philanthropic initiative in 2009. He is also the Editor-in-chief of EF News International.
(e-mail: ankanjim@gmail.com)

Ankur Deka - Eastern Fare Music Foundation
Ankur Deka is a Master of Musicology in Indian Classical Music and has a degree in Alternate Medicine. He is presently working on subjects like Music Therapy, Ethnomusicology and Indian Music. He is also a singer, songwriter and composer. He has been composing music for over thirty years in various languages including Assamese, English, Hindi and Mizo.
(e-mail: info@easternfare.in)

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