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"Upon the fabric of silence does one weaves notes and creates music."

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is one such turf which still holds on to such a thought and Eastern Fare Music Foundation proudly propagates it. In an era where music is being bargained over as a fast moving commodity, Eastern Fare affectionately tries to preserve the accent of sound. Located in Koramangala, the heart of Bangalore city in India, this music institute and production house with a difference engages in providing tutelage to music enthusiasts of all ages. It had its inception in the year 2007. In today's date, Eastern Fare Music Institute has half dozen branches all over Bangalore and in Guwahati giving Music education to more than a hundred pupils.

The idea behind the genesis of this music organization was to incorporate the thought that Music can be pursued as a mainstream career instead of a hobby or pastime. Eastern Fare encourages and motivates people with a musical inclination to explore their full potential and be able to create amazing work. All the students of the institute are given individual attention and guidance making it easier for them to discover their musical abilities. The students are generally screened based on their basic knowledge of music but most importantly they must have passion and sincerity for learning music. The very best of the students and the ones who have constantly exhibited progress never go unrewarded. The institute's has its recording facilities which are made available to the students at zero cost so that they can prepare their samples easily. The institute also promotes aspiring musicians, and artists through various media.

When the melodic notes fade away, it vibrates in the memory. Eastern Fare hopes to influence people on similar notes. Even when the students are over their training and are long gone, the musical sojourn will linger on in their hearts and the amorous poetry of sound that they will sing will ripple, spreading the magic of music further and beyond.

About Eastern Fare Music Institute

Eastern Fare Music Institute is one of the India’s foremost independent music schools. The school is governed by a Board of Directors. This Board is made up of talented volunteers, faculty and parent representatives.

The institution was launched in Feb 2009 in Koramangala, Bangalore with only twenty-five students. Today it has about 400 young people from over forty different cities registered in the music programs at the Bellendur, HSR, Koramangala and Vijay Nagar branches in Bangalore and Rajgarh branch in Guwahati, India.

The institute operates on an open door and a first-come, first-serve policy. The school serves students witrh low-income and children from low-income families as well. These children are given opportunities to take subsidized, private or group music lessons in a safe, nurturing environment.

Eastern Fare prepares students for grade exams conducted by Trinity School of Music, London; but it diverts itself from the regular method of teaching. The institute focuses on a concept based learning method where students are made to understand the core concepts of Music before strumming a guitar of holding a key. "Play the music, not the instrument" is what Eastern Fare preaches. Currently classes for Guitar, Keyboard and Piano are being conducted on a regular basis, but there are also provisions for instruments like drums, tabla, flute etc.

Our Music Teachers

We strive to hire teachers who have :

01. A University undergraduate degree in music or Music Teaching Diploma or the equivalent in teaching experience.
02. Public performance experience.
03. Excellent communication and team work skills.
04. An understanding of the issues faced by the students and a positive feeling towards music education.

More about the teachers here.

Bias-Free Policy

Eastern Fare Music Foundation recognizes the dignity and worth of each individual. We respect everyone’s race, ancestry, and place of origin, colour, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability. We accept all children regardless of their level of ability.

Participation in Cultural Shows

Students are encouraged to participate in music festivals and concerts. But before that must also show a commitment to learning music.


inTune is an innovative program by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, which collates Music Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programs, and Interactive Games designed for corporates and to aid office goers in beating the stress of their hectic schedules and tiring routines.
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About Eastern Fare Music Studio

Eastern Fare Music Studio in Bangalore is equipped with a state-of the art jamming room and two semi-Acoustic Studios to develop the expressive potential of the students besides encouraging their technical know-how of music. The studios are also made available to talented individuals and upcoming bands.
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About Eastern Fare Production House

Since 2010, the Eastern Fare Production House in Bangalore is involved in production of documentary films, short films and music videos. The production house helps upcoming bands and artists to produce their singles, EPs, albums or music videos. Many talented music directors and composers are involved with Eastern Fare for composing and arranging music for albums, music videos, films background music, jingles and music for video games.  In 2013, It has opened a new video editing studio in Bangalore. In 2015, Eastern Fare has opened a production house in Guwahati.
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Eastern Fare Production House services in Bangalore:
  1. Music Composing and Arrangement
  2. Audio and Music Recording Studio
  3. Audio and Music Editing and Mixing
  4. Video Editing Studio
  5. Video Recording
  6. Event and Concert Photography
  7. Jam Studio

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