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Char Seawell, the Assam Skies' vocalist from Bothell, USA | ChaiTunes artist | Music Malt

Char Seawell Charlotte V. Seawell is an American singer, songwriter, novelist and essayist from Bothell, Washington. She co-authored a hi...

Eastern Fare covers Deep Purple's 'Soldier of Fortune'

Soldier of Fortune - Eastern Fare feat. Catherine Khiangte This time Jim Ankan Deka and Gaurav Choudhury of Eastern Fare band teamed up ...

Eastern Fare teams up with Catherine Khiangte from Mizoram to cover Charlie Puth's Marvin Gaye

Let's Marvin Gaye and Get It On - Eastern Fare feat. Catherine Khiangte Some time back, musician Jim Ankan Deka had revealed that he...