Rules and Regulations

Course Fees

Guitar - Rs 800
Keyboard - Rs 800
Piano - Rs 800
Vocals - Rs 800
Bass - private classes only
Dance - Rs 700

Contact - 75780 13817

Contact - 75780 13817

Private Classes
Guitar - Rs 1500
Keyboard - Rs 1500
Piano - Rs 1500
Bass Guitar - Rs 1500

Contact - 0364 2570354

Contact - 9986573253

Sompura Gate
Guitar - Rs 2000

Indiranagar / HAL
Contact - 9986573253

Sarjapur / Bellandur
Contact - 9986573253

HSR Layout
Contact - 9986573253

Vijay Nagar
Contact - 9986573253

Class Information

Classes (Per student)
1 class per week

Class Duration
1.5 Hrs to 2 Hrs

1 batch
(max 6 students)

Class Timings
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Class days
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Private Classes
Ph: 99865-73253


01. All tuition fees must be paid to the Eastern Fare Music Foundation before the 10th day of every month, by check or cash. There is a service charge of Rupees 150 for returned check and late payment. Failure to meet financial obligations will result in suspension or termination of lessons.

02. Students are required to pay two months fees in advance, at the time of admission. Out of this, one month’s fees will be adjusted at the completion of the course or when the student leaves the institute after giving a prior notice to the co-ordinator. (*Conditions apply*)

03. Books for the classes are to be purchased by the students from the institute. (If required)

04. If a student misses one or all the classes in a month, he/she has to pay full months fee for that particular month. If he/she misses all the classes in a month, he/she can pay half months fee only if he/she makes an advance payment for the month and notify the coordinator in advance. (*Conditions apply*)


01. There will be no refund of fees for any reason.

02. There will be a refund of fees only if the student does not like to continue after the first class which has to be informed to the co-ordinator or the teacher in the first class (same day) itself. There will be a refund of the entire amount after deducting Rs 300 for the first class. There will be no refund for any books purchased. There will be no refund of fees for any reason after the second class by the student.


01. Any lesson/class missed because of teacher’s absence or unavoidable circumstances will be made up.

02. Please note that all make-ups have to be arranged directly with the coordinator or teacher. A make-up class cannot be rescheduled once confirmed.

03. Eastern Fare reserves the right to substitute any teacher with another instructor of an equivalent background.

04. There will not be a make up class if student misses any class.


01. It is a Mandatory for all students under the age of 15 to appear for Trinity College Music Exam - either theory or practical or both.

02. Books for the examinations are to be purchased by the students either from the institute, (at subsidized rate) or any other shops.

03. Students appearing for Trinity College Examinations must submit their examination fee at least one week ahead of the registration date.


01. Eastern Fare Music Foundation is not responsible for any accidents happening to the students inside of the building or outside.

02. Please DO NOT leave your children unattended and especially in the parking lot. We ask all parents / guardians / caregivers to be on time to pickup the wards.

NOTE: Please keep checking the school notice board for changes or new information.

Why your child’s music lessons may be discontinued

01. Your child is away for 2 or more weeks without informing the school. (Please remember we have a long waiting list and we would like to server all interested students.)

02. Your child is taking music lessons from 2 different teachers for the same instrument. (i.e. at other music schools community music schools or private teachers.)

03. Unpaid fees: YOUR CHILD WILL BE WITHDRAWN UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE IN FULL and we have month’s fees in advance.

04. Your child violates the code of behavior.

Communication with the institute

01. There will be no refund of fees for any reason unless a student is moving out of station, a request for adjustment of the security amount must be submitted in writing to the institution at least one month prior.

Parent – Student – Teacher Concerns

01. If you have a concern about your / your child’s music teachers, feel free to discuss it with that teacher. If you, the parents, have a goal for your children this must also be discussed.

02. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion with the teacher, then speak to the general manager or coordinator. Your / your child’s teacher and coordinator will do their best to resolve the situation. If the situation is still not resolved then send a mail to the board of directors at