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Address: No. 20, Nayan Nagar,
Mathgharia No 1, Guwahati, India. (Pin - 781026)
+91 7578013817; +91 9986573253

Branches and Timings

Eastern Fare Music Foundation presently operates in

Guwahati (Noonmati, Rajgarg and Narangi)
Meghalaya (Umiam and Umroi)
Bangalore (Vijay Nagar)

Eastern Fare provides different batches for music classes in the morning, afternoon, evening and late evening for housewives, students, entrepreneurs, executives and working professionals who have shifting duty. Each batch is of maximum 2 hours.

Classes (Per student) - 1 class per week
Class Duration - 1.5 Hrs to 2 Hrs
Batches - 1 batch (max 6 students)
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