ChaiTunes in association with Eastern Fare and Music Malt releases the first Assamese music video

ChaiTunes presents Xaare Aasu featuring Queen Hazarika and Jim Ankan Deka

After their last successful collaboration, Awaaz, Speak up against sexual violence, Jim Ankan Deka and Queen Hazarika are collaborating once again for a new project Xaare Aasu. Produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, and a concept created by Music Malt, Xaare Aasu is the first song in an experimental music series ‘ChaiTunes’.

The song draws inspiration from funk and jazz styles and has Shreyas Aarakshan in Drums, Harish Marriappa in bass, Prateek Nalawade in guitars. Playwright and theater actor Suhit Kumar and blogger Divya Nambiar have acted in the music video. The video is directed by Bangalore based Assamese filmmaker and producer Parmita Borah. Every song in the Chaitunes series has a visual narrative and all the stories happen over cups of tea.

“This is just the beginning. We’re trying to explore the culture of music and drinking in India”, said Deka. “In this season we will explore various genres of music and mostly work on inhouse and studio projects. In the future seasons, we will aim to visit different places and make music in those locations to bring out the distinct flavors of each place.”

That certainly raises the curiosity level. The first song of this series Xaaru Aasu featuring Assamese singer is released and is available for viewing on Youtube.