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Euphony Music Fest

Founded in 2009 by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, the 'Euphony' music festival is a collaborative artist retreat for emerging young professionals and celebrated artists, held annually at the end of each summer and winter in Bangalore and Guwahati. As a performance and community based festival, Euphony bridges the gap between faculty and students.

The event features performances by well known and upcoming bands from all over India, DJ night with dance floor, pool parties, food and beverages and bonfire in winter. A Rock Competition is held in every winter and finalists get a chance to perform at the 'Euphony - a winter nocturne' fest. The winners of the rock competition win cash prizes as well as certificates and gift hampers.

Mainly two events are hold every year - 'Euphony - a winter nocturne' in in January and 'Euphony - a summer serenade' in August.

Upcoming Music Festival

 Euphony - a winter nocturne 2016 

For the very first time Guwahati will witness 'Euphony - a winter nocturne' music fest on Saturday, January 30, 2016.

The event will be held at RnB Club in Gitanagar, Guwahati.

Along with a Rock Competition for the bands of North East India region, the fest will witness live performance by Voodoo Child, one of the top bands from Assam, a DJ night with a dance floor, bonfire, food and beverages, pool side activities and lot more.

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