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Char Seawell
Charlotte V. Seawell is an American singer, songwriter, novelist and essayist from Bothell, Washington. She co-authored a historical full length musical and wrote two historical fiction novels based in the North Cascades and in pre-Nazi Germany. She is the founding member of the country-folk band Windfall.

Early life and music career

Seawell spent her early years as a songwriter and singer performing at various concerts at military bases in CaliforniaFrankfurtGermany and Japan.[3] She learned to play five instruments - the violinsaxophonebassoondrums and guitar. Later her family moved to Colorado and Wyoming where she continued performing with local country-rock bands Silverton Station and The Tailgate Orchestra. She became a semi-finalist in the American Song Festival and won numerous awards in the Colorado Composers Classic. She was also a finalist at the Colorado/Wyoming Battle of the Bands.
Seawell later moved to Pacific Northwest where she was introduced to Tim Seawell, a singer and guitarist, through Musicians’ Association of Seattle and they got married in 1986. Later she was joined by her husband and the duo formed a band called Windfall. The band has released four albums and over 40 singles under the folk music genre.
In 2019, Seawell worked on a musical docudrama called Assam Skies which is a collaborative music project featuring musicians and artists from four countries including Karen Weed (poet) and Alice Banting from UKJim Ankan Deka from India, and Lain Heringman from Spain.[4][5]


  • Poet of Stones (2018)
  • Best days of my life (2015)
  • Life happens (2015)
  • Prayers of the blue and gray (2012)

Single compositions

  • Assam Skies (featuring Jim Ankan Deka and Karen Weed) (2019)
  • I will ever praise you (2019)
  • Father and daughter (2019)
  • Secret (2019)
  • Baby, won't you dance with me (2019)
  • Notice the rainbow (2019)
  • Stone and wood (2019)
  • Bring on the Snow (2018)
  • Turn in to Me (2018)
  • Shores of Italy (2016)
  • If I Would've Known (2014)
  • Move Into the Light (2008)
  • Ladies of cullpeper (2002)

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