Eastern Fare - the Music Foundation

Eastern Fare had its inception in the year 2007. In today’s date there are half a dozen branches of this institute all over the city of Bangalore and a Recording Studio. It started with the perseverant efforts of Jim Ankan Deka, an expertise in the field, noted for his contribution to Assamese, Hindi and Kannada music industry .

Eastern Fare is discreet in its teaching methods as here we focus at a very thorough understanding of Music in itself, apart from understanding an instrument and playing it. We don’t teach how to play the instrument; rather we teach how to weave music out of it. Our students do not play their guitars, drums and pianos as a pastime; but for the genuine love of music. Our teaching style embodies a format that enables learners not just to focus on playing an instrument, but helps them to be able to compose and create music.