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Eastern Fare had its inception in the year 2007. In today’s date there are half a dozen branches of this institute all over the city of Bangalore and a Recording Studio. It started with the perseverant efforts of Jim Ankan Deka, an expertise in the field, noted for his contribution to Assamese, Hindi and Kannada music industry .

Eastern Fare is discreet in its teaching methods as here we focus at a very thorough understanding of Music in itself, apart from understanding an instrument and playing it. We don’t teach how to play the instrument; rather we teach how to weave music out of it. Our students do not play their guitars, drums and pianos as a pastime; but for the genuine love of music. Our teaching style embodies a format that enables learners not just to focus on playing an instrument, but helps them to be able to compose and create music.
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About Eastern Fare

Eastern Fare is an acoustic rock and fusion band formed in Bangalore in 2007, now based in Guwahati, India. The present team members, Jim Ankan Deka (guitar and keys), Prabal Gogoi (cajon), Gaurav Choudhury (guitar) and Jenie (percussion), occasionally teams up with different musicians from various backgrounds all across the country to create amazing music, videos and collaborative projects.

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