Bon Scott

Bon Scott was an Australian musician born in Kirriemuir, Scotland on 9 July 1946. He was the lead singer and lyricist of the Australian band AC/DC from 1974 until his death in 1980. The Scott family immigrated to Australia in 1952. In 1956 Bon joined the associated Fremantle Scots Pipe Band and learned drums.

In 1964 Scott formed his first band, The Spektors. He was the drummer and occasional lead singer for the band. Two years later the Spektors coalesced with another band, The Winstons, and formed The Valentines, in which Scott was co-lead singer with Vince Lovegrove. In 1970, after gaining a place on the National Top 30 with their single "Juliette", the Valentines disbanded. In 1970, Scott joined the progressive rock band Fraternity. Later in 1971, the name was changed to "Fang". In September 1974, Bon Scott replaced Dave Evans as the lead singer of AC/DC when he was working as a driver and general hand in Adelaide. After Bon joined AC/DC, the band released High Voltage, their first LP in Australia in February 1975. In December 1975, AC/DC released their second album T.N.T. In the following years, AC/DC gained further success with their albums Let There Be Rock and Powerage.

On 19 February 1980, Bon Scott, who was only 33 at the time, passed out after a night of heavy drinking in a London club called MusicMachine. The official cause of Scott's death was listed as "acute alcohol poisoning" and "death by misadventure”. Although common folklore claims that ingestion of vomit or drugs were the cause of Scott's death. Five months after Scott's death, AC/DC recorded Back in Black as a tribute to him hiring Brian Johnson as the new vocalist.

Bon Scott began his life working as a postman, bartender and truck packer; but became one of the most famous vocalists of all times. Bon’s grave is reportedly the most visited grave in Australia and the “National Trust of Australia” has decreed his grave important enough to be included on the list of classified heritage places. In May 2006, the town of Kirriemuir in Scotland held a service and unveiled a Caithness stone slab commemorating the singer. On 24 February 2008, a bronze statue of Bon Scott was unveiled in Perth, Western Australia.

Jim Ankan