New Videos of the Eastern Fare band

Eastern Fare is an acoustic rock & fusion band formed in Bangalore in 2007, now based in Guwahati, India. The present team members, Jim Ankan Deka (guitar & keys), Prabal Gogoi (cajon), Gaurav Choudhury (guitar) & Jenie (percussion), occasionally teams up with different musicians from various backgrounds all across the country to create amazing music, videos and collaborative projects.

Charlie Puth's Marvin Gaye - Eastern Fare ft. Catherine Khiangte (2018)

Stone Temple Pilots' Plush - Eastern Fare ft. Siddharth Tanti (2010)

Melissa Etheridge's Bring Me Some Water - Eastern Fare ft. Faheeda Fahad (2010)

How Else Can You Sing This - Eastern Fare ft. SIddharth Tanti (2010)

OK North East
OK North East

Eastern Fare is a music institute and a production house presently based in Guwahati with branches in Bangalore, Umiam, Umroi and other cities in India. The production house is supported by Music Malt and OK! North East. Eatsern Fare launched two projects - ChaiTunes and Euphony.

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