Euphony - a winter nocturne

Our joy knew no bounds when we realized that we have completed a full solar year as a music foundation. It feels just like yesterday when we were jamming in a garage and all of us were saving pennies and working like labors to create this musical nest. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the journey that we have undertaken as travelers of the music cosmos. There were times when the stakes were high, the challenges meticulous; while there were times when the seeds of our efforts started sprouting and we were thrilled. It has been a joy ride of humungous ups and downs, but together we made it this far and hope to continue this sojourn with the same rhythm.

The anniversary celebrations were conducted on 12th February at the Furtados Music Showroom in Koramangala. The event also marked the launch of the official website of institute The show took off with some quick and crispy piano recitals by the beginners; while the intermediate students did some covers like “Heal the world” by MJ and “To be with you” by Mr Big. The institute’s band Eastern Fare really got the temperatures rising with some original tracks like “Personally Your’s” and “Least Liked Best”. Vocalist Siddharth Tanti and Faheeda Fahad made the crowd groove to some equally nifty covers like “Friday”, “Wild World”, “Heart Shaped Box”, “Give Me Some Water” and “Animal Instinct”. However it was the featured performance by Chief Guest Suchetan Rangaswamy with his fusion band “Veenar”, whose melodious phonation touched some meticulous Carnatic notes leaving the crowd awe struck. Mr. Rangaswamy also felicitated the top performers of the institute. Parmita Borah anchored the show with her usual panache.

Eastern Fare Music Foundation is a full-fledged music institute and is recognized by the Trinity School of Music. The courses offered are purely western classical, but the management has decided to foray into Carnatic and Hindustani classical music towards the second half of this year. The foundation also has a club where the members are provided with facilities like jamming room, studio and library. The members of the club have been associated with charitable causes like ‘blood donation’, ‘helping the poor’ and ‘teaching the under priviledged'.

Parmita Borah