The Art Of The Guitar by Shan Stillwell | Fortitude

Six Commandments for Six String Success

Shan Stillwell says - With a little love and a little time, anyone can play the guitar, we’ve outlined our SIX COMMANDMENTS to approach the guitar with that will help even the skilled guitarist enhance their play. Listen up strummers!

1. If You’re Gonna Go It.. Do It Right! - There is no fast track to playing the guitar, no shortcut you can take to get you through the painstaking hours of thumbing around with your machine. Take your time and learn the right way.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice. - ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, well, it’s true. Jimi Hendrix kept his guitar with him at all times, as recalled by a girlfriend of the rock and roll hero, practicing with every free second he had.

3. Learn The Lingo and Get In The Know - Surround yourself with fellow players and take time to watch your inspirations play, take time out to attend gigs and see how other cats play.

4. Test yourself! - Learn new skills and move on, don’t stick around for too long going over the same old rhythms and licks, the art to any craft is being able to push yourself.

5. Get Back To Basics - Theory is your friend! Finding out the quickest way to hammer out a Van Halen style solo may sound more attractive, but giving yourself to in time learn of the technical aspects of your instrument will only work for you in the future.

6. Stay Passionate. - It is passion that has driven you to decide to ever pick up your machine and it is passion that will teach you how to use it. Let your passion flow and then follow where it goes.

Guitar Myths

You’ve either got it, or haven’t – it comes natural” - Wrong!
You NEED to know every bit of theory to be able to survive”- Wrong!
High-range tech is ESSENTIAL to sounding good” - Wrong!

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OK North East
About Eastern Fare

Eastern Fare is an acoustic rock and fusion band formed in Bangalore in 2007, now based in Guwahati, India. The present team members, Jim Ankan Deka (guitar and keys), Prabal Gogoi (cajon), Gaurav Choudhury (guitar) and Jenie (percussion), occasionally teams up with different musicians from various backgrounds all across the country to create amazing music, videos and collaborative projects.


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