Shots from 'Aakaxok Subo Khojo'

ChaiTunes' newest music video is a collaboration between 16 year old Antara Nandy from Calcutta and Assamese musician Jim Ankan Deka from Bangalore. ‘Aakaxok Subo Khojo’, which in Assamese means ‘the desire to touch the sky’, took almost two years to see the light. The video is directed by very talented Assamese director Parmita Borah and shot by photographer and videographer from Diphu Nishal Lama at Innerspace Studios, Bangalore.

The song was recorded at Eastern Fare Studio and Madcat Studios, Bangalore under the guidance of Anil CJ and Jim. The video was released on YouTube on June 5, 2015.

Previously Nandy and Deka had collaborated on a campaign against violence towards women, "Awaaz - speak up against sexual violence", where Nandy raised her voice against child sexual abuse. Their second collaboration ‘Aakaxok Subo Khojo’, is a part of the musical series “ChaiTunes”. Produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, and a concept created by Music Malt, ChaiTunes aims to discover and bring together musicians from different genres and geos and help them brew a fine blend of music.

Aakaxok Subo Khojo tells the story of a young girl who aspires to be a famous singer and tries her luck by auditioning for a music competition. Antara Nandy’s fruity voice and energetic performance combined with Jim Ankan’s sanguine composition packs up for a music video to look out for!

From left - Nishal Lama, Jim Ankan Deka, Vinod M Singh, Parmita Borah, Antara Nandy, Jui Nandy, Ankita Nandy, Aquin Dutta, Amrita Thakuria, Pruthvi R Akarsh (Team, Aakxok Subo Khojo)