Bass Guitar Classes

Jim Ankan Deka and Ritwika Bhattacharya of Eastern Fare

Bass Guitar Classes in Bangalore - for beginner to the advanced (certified and non-certified)

Batch strength - 1 students (private classes) | Batch time - 45 mins | Classes per week - One | Fees - Rs 3500 per month | FAQs - Click Here | Class Timings and Branches - Contact - 99865 73253; 94480 53407 or write to
A Bass guitar lets you be you, with power and personality. The bass guitar is one most difficult instruments to master. But at the same time, the instrument offers limitless scope for musical expression to those willing to devote time and practice. Learning to play the bass guitar cannot be done over-night. It needs time and perseverance. Basic knowledge of music and acoustic guitar do come handy. Our aim in these courses has been set out clearly as possible - often in easily accessible chart form - a structures system of reference information ranging from the basic to the advanced. These courses can therefore be used either as an introductory guide to the first steps of learning to play the bass guitar or as the basis for a more serious study of music theory, music notation and more advanced techniques. Pick up your bass guitar and let your hands and ears lead the way!!

Learning to play the guitar is largely a process of committing skills to instinct, of developing the necessary motor skills or what is sometimes known as "finger memory". And only way to achieve this by practicing - repeating the same thing over and over until it becomes automatic.

Eastern Fare Music Foundation provides private classes for bass guitar in Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore and Rajgarh, Guwahati.

One course is available for Bass Guitar - non-certified.

                Non-Certified Contemporary Bass Guitar Courses
There are three levels for non-certified bass guitar course - beginners, intermediate and advance. Below are the details of beginners and intermediate courses -
Guitar For Beginner (1 year)

01. What is Music? Elements of Music
02. What are Scales? Introduction to Major Scales
03. Introduction to Minor Scales
04. Introduction to Blue Scales
05. Blues Practices #1 & #2
06. What are Chords and Barre Chords?     
07. Introduction to Major Chords (M)
08. Introduction to Minor Chords (m)
09. Introduction to Arpeggio?
10. Arpeggio #1 & #2
11. Introduction to Modes - Mixolydian, Lydian and Dorian.
12. Introduction to Dominant Seventh Chords (7) (Dom7)
13. Relations of Chords or Chord Progressions
14. Introduction to Strumming and Flatpicking.
15. Introduction to Tempo, Rhythm andTiming.
16. Introduction to Major Seventh Chords (M7) (Maj7)
17. Introduction to Minor Seventh Chords (m7) (min7)
18. Introduction to Staff Notation
19. Introduction to the History of Bass Guitar
Guitar For Intermediate (8 months)

01. Introduction to Slapping. 
02. Introduction to Suspended Fourth Chord (Sus4) 
03. Introduction to Harmonics and Artificial Harmonics. 
04. Introduction to Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales. 
05. Introduction to Triads.
06. Introduction to Added Ninth Chords (9th) 
07. Introduction to Major Sixth Chords (M6) (Maj6) 
08. Introduction to Minor Sixth Chords (m6) (min6) 
09. Arpeggio #3 & #4. 
10. Blues Practice #3 & #4. 
11. Introduction to Phrygian, Locrian and Aeolian Modes. 
12. Introduction to Modulation. 
13. Relations of Chords or Progressions. (Intermediate level) 
14. Lock in with Drums. 
15. Introduction to Fill in. 
16. Introduction to Slides. 
17. Introduction to blues and Rock Licks. 
18. Staff Notation (Intermediate Level).