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Aawaz - speak up against sexual violence

A music video produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation.

Nagaland - journey through the choir of clouds

A travel documentary produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation.

Euphony - a winter nocturne - 2016

Euphony - a winter nocturne - 2016

- Euphony - a winter nocturne

Date - January 30, 2016
Venue - RnB Club, Giri Path, Gitanagar, Guwahati, Assam
Ticket - Rs 300 (stag) | Rs 500 (couple)


Euphony-a winter nocturne is a music event organised by Eastern Fare every year in Bangalore since 2009. This would would the very first time when the event will be held in Guwahati, Assam. Apart from a rock competition for the bands of North East India, the event will witness live performance by one of the best Rock n' Roll bands of North East - Voodoo Child, a DJ night with a dance floor, food and beverages and fun activities.

Rock Competition

Eastern Fare Music Foundation presents 'Euphony', a rock competition for bands of North East India in Guwahati in Jan, 2016 in association with Mousai, Musician Resources and Purple Trope!
Bands from one of the eight states of North East India can video record their 'LIVE' performance of original song or a cover - with a cell phone or with a help of professional videographer and upload it on Youtube or Vimeo. And send the link to with the band details like the names of the members, place of origin, year formed etc. The songs should be in English or if it's a multilingual song, English should be a part of it. The genres are 'Rock', 'Blues', 'Rock N' Roll' and 'Rockabilly'. Last date of submission is Jan 5, 2016.

Please don't send 'music videos'. We are looking for live jams, not pre-recorded stuff and the faces and the goofy backgrounds. Please make sure the sound quality is good; atleast audible if not best.

Top 3 finalists will get a chance to perform live in front of a music enthusiastic crowd on Jan 30, 2016. Final bands which are not from Guwahati, the members will be provided with lodging and food for a night by the organisers.

Ya, school bands can join too!
Submission starts from October 31, 2015. Last date of submission is Jan 5, 2016. Nope, we are not accepting any video later. The top 3 finalists will be notified by January 20, 2016.
Entry Fee
None. Just be happy :)
Music Video Contract, Cash Prize, Gifts, Music Accessories for the winning band and A Live Act for the finalists!!
Judges will decide the final bands and the decision will be final.


The event is powered by Music Malt.

The partners are - Mousai, Purple Trope, North-East-India, ChaiTunes, Eastern Fare Productions.

Guitar, piano, keyboard and vocal classes in Guwahati

Eastern Fare Music Foundation, Guwahati

Eastern Fare Music Foundation now starts classes for Guitar, Keyboard, Piano and Indian vocals at Rajgarh, Guwahati.

More more info regarding the courses Click Here.
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Click Here to contact Eastern Fare Music Foundation's Guwahati branch.

ChaiTunes releases the second music video 'Aakaxok Subo Khojo'

Shots from 'Aakaxok Subo Khojo'

ChaiTunes' newest music video is a collaboration between 16 year old Antara Nandy from Calcutta and Assamese musician Jim Ankan Deka from Bangalore. ‘Aakaxok Subo Khojo’, which in Assamese means ‘the desire to touch the sky’, took almost two years to see the light. The video is directed by very talented Assamese director Parmita Borah and shot by photographer and videographer from Diphu Nishal Lama at Innerspace Studios, Bangalore.

The song was recorded at Eastern Fare Studio and Madcat Studios, Bangalore under the guidance of Anil CJ and Jim. The video was released on YouTube on June 5, 2015.

Previously Nandy and Deka had collaborated on a campaign against violence towards women, "Awaaz - speak up against sexual violence", where Nandy raised her voice against child sexual abuse. Their second collaboration ‘Aakaxok Subo Khojo’, is a part of the musical series “ChaiTunes”. Produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, and a concept created by Music Malt, ChaiTunes aims to discover and bring together musicians from different genres and geos and help them brew a fine blend of music.

Aakaxok Subo Khojo tells the story of a young girl who aspires to be a famous singer and tries her luck by auditioning for a music competition. Antara Nandy’s fruity voice and energetic performance combined with Jim Ankan’s sanguine composition packs up for a music video to look out for!

From left - Nishal Lama, Jim Ankan Deka, Vinod M Singh, Parmita Borah, Antara Nandy, Jui Nandy, Ankita Nandy, Aquin Dutta, Amrita Thakuria, Pruthvi R Akarsh (Team, Aakxok Subo Khojo)

Without the sound and fury | Deccan Herald

Anushka Sivakumar, Bengaluru, June 03, 2015 | Metro Life, Deccan Herald

The music market is mercurial. With Electronic Dance Music (EDM), House and folk-rock creating waves in the City and new artistes in these genres born every day, it seems like acoustic music is being slowly swept under the carpet and this basic form of music — vocals accompanied by a simple instrument — seem to be sidelined.

Musician and beatboxer Vineeth Vincent has a deep connect with acoustic music. “In my opinion, there is something about artistes sitting in a corner with an instrument and pouring out their soul. I started off as an acoustic musician and feel it’s always good to know how to play instruments. I have seen that a number of venues have stopped hosting acoustic artistes. There has also been a sudden rise in EDM and pre-recorded music over the last few years. Many acoustic artistes have told me that there aren’t
many places which pay live artistes and performers well. I prefer to listen to a live artiste when I go out rather that listening to an overly-pumped speaker with booming bass.”

He feels that the voice of acoustic music is drowning in the clutter of entertainment and blitzkrieg. He is currently curating ‘Acoustic Nights’, an event at Church Street Social, every Wednesday. The set-up mainly comprises solo and duet artistes with an instrument, and a number of artistes from home and abroad have performed as of now. These include Dhruv Visvanath from Delhi, Julius Mitchell from Sri Lanka and Robin Madier from France.

According to Vineeth, to bring back acoustic music, a number of factors are essential. These include programming quality musicians, good payment for professional artistes, a sound live audio, change in people’s attitude towards musicians and being responsible musicians. He says, “We are looking at developing acoustic music at a smaller scale. Smaller venues cannot afford big acts every week and the technical requirements for larger acts are hard to supply to such venues.”

Jerusha a vocalist, says that she hardly hears solo acoustic musicians in the City. “Artistes who work with vocals and instruments are more popular when they are in college but it gets a little difficult to completely take the acoustic route after they graduate.”

‘Eastern Fare’, an acoustic-rock band, was formed to increase the awareness of acoustic music. Jim Ankan Deka, the lead guitarist of the band, says, “We found that there is an excess of electric and electronic bands in the City. Technological advancements and college graduates becoming DJs by using software, freeware, loops and grooves, have contributed to the rise of electronic music.”

However, despite such challenges, acoustic music continues to garner a sizeable crowd whenever acoustic acts take place. Jason of ‘Allegro Fudge’, an acoustic band, says, “Music evolves and has different styles. People can play songs in the acoustic or electric route and there is a market for different kinds of music. The genre one chooses to play depends on the artiste, what kinds of songs and market the artiste wants to

For example, Jason adds that people who want to grow as song writers or instrumentalists, take to the acoustic route. Jim says that the essence of Indian classical ‘raagas’ will be kept when they are played in an acoustic guitar.

Jason points out, “There is nothing wrong in taking whichever route as long the music is not diluted. The thought has to transcend to music and one has to visualise both forms as separate institutions.”

Parth, another acoustic artiste, adds that there is a balance to acoustic and electronic music. “I don’t think acoustic artistes struggle. There are venues which give opportunities to artistes of various genres and there is a balance in terms of audience’s interests.”

Though one can argue that different spaces of music cannot be compared as each has its niche, the acoustic form of art goes straight to the heart. It performs the basic function of music — of bringing in the ‘lilting’ feeling without any jarring synthesisers and speakers.

ChaiTunes in association with Eastern Fare and Music Malt releases the first Assamese music video

ChaiTunes presents Xaare Aasu featuring Queen Hazarika and Jim Ankan Deka

After their last successful collaboration, Awaaz, Speak up against sexual violence, Jim Ankan Deka and Queen Hazarika are collaborating once again for a new project Xaare Aasu. Produced by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, and a concept created by Music Malt, Xaare Aasu is the first song in an experimental music series ‘ChaiTunes’.

The song draws inspiration from funk and jazz styles and has Shreyas Aarakshan in Drums, Harish Marriappa in bass, Prateek Nalawade in guitars. Playwright and theater actor Suhit Kumar and blogger Divya Nambiar have acted in the music video. The video is directed by Bangalore based Assamese filmmaker and producer Parmita Borah. Every song in the Chaitunes series has a visual narrative and all the stories happen over cups of tea.

“This is just the beginning. We’re trying to explore the culture of music and drinking in India”, said Deka. “In this season we will explore various genres of music and mostly work on inhouse and studio projects. In the future seasons, we will aim to visit different places and make music in those locations to bring out the distinct flavors of each place.”

That certainly raises the curiosity level. The first song of this series Xaaru Aasu featuring Assamese singer is released and is available for viewing on Youtube.