inTune @ Eastern Fare

inTune is an innovative program by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, which collates Music Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programs, and Interactive Games designed to aid office goers in beating the stress of their hectic schedules and tiring routines.

Bringing together the crème de la crème of music and psychology, this innovative program helps people get their work in tune with life, thus creating the perfect work life balance. The programme also paves way for one to be in tune with one's inner selves and helping one to cope with unwanted elements like anxiety, depression, and stress.

Designed specifically to beat the woes of everyday urban life, inTune collates - Music Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programs, Interactive Games and Yogic Style Relaxation Techniques.

The program paves way for you to be in tune with your inner self and helping you cope with unwanted elements like anxiety, depression, and stress.

inTUNE - The Sessions
Events for Corporates

Music Therapy Sessions
Healing power of music
Music and psychology
Music meditation
Music workshop
Performing Arts
Body karaoke
Theatre art
Interactive Games
Art of co-ordination
Writing skills
Creative writing workshop
Communication skills
Soft skills workshops
Team building sessions
Team management sessions
Self-supervising sessions
Neuro-Linguistic Programs
Yogic style relaxation techniques
Understanding talents & strengths

Music Therapy sessions make the participants embark on peaceful sojourn where their minds are allowed to relax. During these sessions participants will also be taught music exercises that can be made a part of daily life as stress busting measures.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programs focuses on enabling people discover fascinating things about themselves, sub conscious talents and strengths that an individual is otherwise unaware of. These programs help individuals realize their potential and be dazed at learning about the wonderful things that they are capable of.

The Interactive Games are a combination of Theatre art and Body Karaoke. The activities are designed to help participants shed their inhibitions, build up confidence, learn the art of co-ordination and above all develop team spirit.

The tri-fold program has sessions that are not confined to the training room, but are practical life lessons that help people deal day-to-day situations.

inTUNE - The Schedule
  • The WOW Factor - Duration – 15 Minutes
  • Teams Creation - Duration – 10 Minutes
  • Introduction to Music - Duration – 20 Minutes
  • Music Therapy - Duration 30 Minutes
  • Team Building and Co-ordination Activities (Games) 50 Minutes
  • Moments (photo slideshow of the day’s activities)
  • Skit Performance by all participants (4 Skits)
  • Musical Performance by all participants
  • Conclusion – Hero, a neuro-linguistic self-discovery session

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