The Club

Foreword by Parmita Borah

A bunch of twenty somethings catching up in a basement filled with expensive musical merchandise - what would your first impression be? Hmm… let see, a bunch of wannabe rockers smoking pot and strumming a couple of hard core grunge beats. Well, considering this pervasive image promoted by many happening and non happening bands, one cannot be blamed for perceiving most bands to be superficial. Just so you know, not every young adult embraces the in limbo lifestyle of a metropolitan; there are still some who dig their dope by seeking a deeper meaning in their lives.

Eastern Fare Music Club (EFMC) is a herding protégé that dares to move away from this stereotyped trend of so called “music frenzy”. What started off as just another garage band today is a group of over a hundred of music lovers surpassing all age groups. The members have also been attempting to fulfill their civic responsibilities.

It’s no secret society, the Eastern Fare Music Club brings together a group of music enthusiasts (irrespective of genre). As initiative by Eastern Fare Music Foundation, the club is located in the Koramangala branch and is equipped with a state-of-the-art jamming room and studio for musicians to master their forte and create demos. The club also stocks a rare collection of valued literature on music. Besides, there are a lot of reference materials for musicians preparing for graded examinations. Members of the Eastern fare Music club can also avail discounts at leading musical instruments stores across the city.

So far EFMC have churned out two bands of its own - a country-blues-rock styled band Eastern Fare and a fusion band Veenar that merges Jazz with Carnatic music. Other bands like ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Big Deal’ have also recorded their demos here and received widespread appreciation and acceptance. The club has also worked on a couple of Hindi gospel numbers earlier.

The vision of the club is to spread its presence in every city and town of the country. It is possible. All it needs are people who are enthusiastic about music and want to take their social responsibilities seriously. This is just a humble beginning; in other words - “Elvis Has Not Left The Building"!!