Jessica Lewis - the teenage guitar prodigy

She was just 16 years old when musicians like Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings and Larry Carlton became her fan. Infact, she played 'Feeling Fine' by Alex Hutchings when she was sixteen. Born in 1994, Jess Lewis was 12 years old when she showed interest in playing the electric guitar and her grandmother was the first person to introduce her to Joe Satriani's music.

Jess' sound is fresh and she has the ability to play almost anything on the guitar including Jazz and Blues music. She was awarded the 'Young Talented Musicians Award' by Royal Manor Arts College and the Rotary Club sponsored her to study 'Rock & Beyond + Jazz' at the International Guitar Foundation when she was 15.

Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai says, “I found this video of “Jess” performing “Die to Live” to be charming. I know what I went through to learn it so hats of to you Jess."

James of London Guitar Academy feels that Jess has the same fresh sound Joe Satriani had when he first released Not Of This Earth.

"Her talent is so organic, it suggests that sometimes nature apportions its blessings in an unfair way when it comes to musical ability" - Alissa Ordabai of PureGuitar says about Jess.

"This is an exciting time, and I cant wait to start creating/composing my own music & I am eternally 'Thankful', to those who have inspired, and who still continue to help me on this journey. I hope my music will do what so many others have done for me over the years. In that it brings with it - PEACE, JOY, HOPE and STRENGTH" - Jess says.

Jess likes Fender Stratocaster guitar and D'Addario strings!

Watch one of the videos of Jess Lewis performing 'Eternal Blues'

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