Euphony 2016 - Rock Competition for the bands of North-East India

Event - Euphony 2016 - a rock competition
Date - January 30, 2016
Venue - RnB Club, Giri Path, Gitanagar, Guwahati, Assam
Entry Fee - Free

Eastern Fare presents Euphony - a rock competition for the bands of North East India! (As a part of Euphony-A Winter Nocturne music fest)

Trophies, Certificates, Cash Prizes upto Rs 20,000, Gifts and Music Accessories for the winning band and band members and A Live Act for the finalists!!

Special prizes for Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Drummer, Best Vocalist and Best Keyboardist.

Separate competition and prizes for school bands.
Bands from one of the eight states of North East India can video record their 'LIVE' performance of original song or a cover - with a cell phone or with a help of professional videographer and upload it on Youtube or Vimeo. And send the link to with the band details like the names of the members, place of origin, year formed etc. The songs should be in English or if it's a multilingual song, English should be a part of it. The genres are 'Rock', 'Blues', 'Rock N' Roll' and 'Rockabilly'. Last date of submission is Jan 5, 2016.

Please don't send 'music videos'. We are looking for live jams, not pre-recorded stuff and the faces and the goofy backgrounds. Please make sure the sound quality is good; atleast audible if not best.

Top 3 finalists will get a chance to enthrall the crowd on Jan 30, 2016. Final bands which are not from Guwahati, the members will be provided with lodging and food for a night by the organisers.

Ya, school bands can join too!
Submit the video to along with a bio-data of the band.
Submission starts from October 31, 2015. Last date of submission is Jan 25, 2016. Nope, we are not accepting any video later. The top 3 finalists will be notified by January 20, 2016.
Entry Fee
None. Just be happy :)
Music Video Contract, Cash Prize, Gifts, Music Accessories for the winning band and A Live Act for the finalists!!
Judges will decide the final bands and the decision will be final.


The event is powered by Music Malt.

In association with - Mousai, Purple Trope, North-East-India, ChaiTunes, Eastern Fare Productions.

More info about 'Euphony - a winter nocturne' music fest here.